The ‘SGTO Youth Forum’ is to encourage young people to get involved within the
tenant’s movements (T&RA) and with the SGTO activities. Through the TRAs, young
people can create a platform where their voices can be heard and can have the
opportunity to engage in activities of their choice. SGTO Youth Forum organised online
zoom meeting on the (12th) Feb, to increase participation & to identify young people’s
concern during COVID 19. Through this, we can offer appropriate support in combating
any identified issues during and after the lockdown.
The vision is to engage the minds of young people with the issues that are affecting them
and to listen to their concerns. Our aim is to establish sub (TRA) youth forums across the
borough. Inspire young minds to become active citizen and to participate in community
projects that will be of benefit to them. To build lasting relationship between young people,
that will lead to positive community cohesion and bridge the gap between young people
and the older generation. This can help the young people to have a better understanding
of T&RA practices.