We have a variety of courses to provide to tenants and
residents in Southwark. They range from learning about the basics of computing,
onto creating email accounts, attachments to emails and online banking, to
completing various online courses and learning how to use different Microsoft
packages. These courses are available in our IT Suite, where clients can come and utilise
our computers whilst we are on hand to help. The computer room is available Monday to
Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Learn My Way – is an online course that starts with the fundamentals on how to use a computer, the mouse and keyboard. It then proceeds to show you how to create an email account and to then add documents or pictures to share with family and friends, which is also helpful to those wishing at add CV’s to emails for job applications.

Courses – We have a variety of courses that are all online, which are relevant to TRA’s and other residents in the borough. They provide certification for Tenant Halls to be able to prepare food for guests and those wishing to gain employment in the catering industry and assistance in keeping premises safe for volunteers and visitors. As you go through each module, small tasks are given to ensure you understand what has been taught, with a test at the end where 75% and required to pass. Each course also provides a certificate. 

Food and Hygiene – This provides an accredited certificate, valid for 3 years, which is required to provide refreshments for guests and will assist someone in gaining employment if the potential employer does not have to organise or pay for this before someone can start work.
Fire Safety – Gives an oversight into how to avoid the risk of fire and what to do in the event of tackling a fire and evacuation.
Health & Safety – Gives advice and instruction as to how to make your premises safe for staff, volunteers and visitors. How to avoid incidents, which aren’t always obvious to reduce the risk of injury or death.
First Aid – This is an awareness course to refresh the learnings already received from completing a practical first aid training session.
Customer Care – A course to help with communication skills when working in a environment that requires dealing with the public.
Microsoft Packages – We have various versions of MS Office Suites, 2007 and 2010, which are learning CD’s for people to enhance their skills for either creating presentations, databases, spreadsheets, writing letters etc.

  • Word – Shows how to create documents, adjust font style, size, colour and much more.
  •  Excel – Will show you how to create spreadsheets, insert formulas etc.
  •  Access – This application can be used to create databases for contacts, which can be utilised with mail merge.
  •  PowerPoint – You can use this to produce presentations but can also be utilised to design posters and many more media pages.
  •  Outlook – Shows you how to make the most from Outlook mail, in utilising calendars, tasks, contacts and more.22

LIFE – Free Accredited Course in Budgeting and Money Management with the London Institute of Banking and Finance. We are offering the opportunity to stay in control of your “mobile banking”, “budgeting your money” and “keeping your money safe online”. Log in anywhere on the internet and work at your own pace. This course provides budgeting and finance information, which is beneficial to TRA Treasurers.