6. Free account verification


SGTO provides a free account verification service to all Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs’) across the Borough, and this is a requirement for their funding from the Council. This can save TRAs’ approximately £350 – £500, which they can spend on other events, activities or items required instead. Accounts need to be presented for TRAs’ to receive any grants or funding, so it is imperative that accounts are verified on an annual basis.

What we require to verify accounts


Bank statements for the period to be verified.
Cheque book
Paying-in book
Cash book
Receipts and Invoices for purchases during period
Petty cash receipts for purchases during period.
Remittance advice slips




Balance brought forward amount from previous accounting period. Balance brought forward amount for petty cash from previous accounting period (if petty cash held) Logbook with record of cheque numbers, amount, description of expenditure or income Once verified, a draft is emailed for approval and then an appointment made to visit the office to sign final version. Copies are given and the signed copy is scanned and emailed so an electronic version is available as well as the hard copies