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Food Distribution


Throughout the COVID 19 lockdown we have been in the forefront liaising and coordinating the distribution of dry and hot food to tenants and residents. Accelerate the (SGTO) success through food distribution services to (TRA) and residents throughout the borough through our local knowledge and network of partners.  The worth of SGTO as a boroughwide group is that it can demonstrate the issues affecting the whole of the borough, link people up and share experience, knowledge, and resource.

We have been working in partnership with the Kingswood (TRA), Kingswood community shop, Peckham, AGE UK and other organisation in the borough in service delivery. Regularly having telephone and online meeting to plan on delivery of services. Supporting (TRA) reaching out to residents on their estate and making calls and providing useful information. The (SGTO) WhatsApp support is another platform utilised by (TRA) sharing information and signposting.

Southwark council has centralised the food distribution process through the ‘Community Hub’ with this, we have continued liaising with other organisations still coordinating the distribution of hot food to vulnerable tenants and residents. It is evident that, some residents are uncomfortable contacting ‘Southwark Community Hub’ or the food bank. These residents have varied reasons for not feeling comfortable contacting the council and moreover giving out their personal details.  Despite this ‘red tape’, we have continued to negotiate with other voluntary organisations with the help of providing hot meals to these residents.

In June 2020, the SGTO started opening the Bells Gardens Center for the Rastafari Movement UK who have been using it to help with food distributions during the pandemic and to prepare food parcels to be delivered to residents in Southwark.

The Rastafari Movement UK is a constituted community group which was established in 2013. They are specialised in delivering well-being and cultural awareness through various practical activities, such as redistribution of surplus fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, and juices, especially for the BAME communities, although it is open to anyone that needs it regardless of their cultural background.


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